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Brief history

GraphicsFuzz is an academic spinout born to find graphics driver reliability bugs, and help to fix them.

The GraphicsFuzz Limited company was officially founded in December 2017 by Alastair Donaldson, Hugues Evrard and Paul Thomson. Its technology is based on research by the Multicore Programming Group led by Alastair at Imperial College London.

In January 2018, GraphicsFuzz went live by publishing a series of test results showcasing its first product, ShaderTest GLES, on popular Android devices.

In addition, the GraphicsFuzz Demo provides a way for the public to try out a snapshot of ShaderTest GLES on their mobile devices, by automatically running 15 tests in a web browser. This demo focuses on issues that affect GPU drivers in Android devices, yet it also runs and finds issues on most laptops and desktops.

The GraphicsFuzz technology is readily available for testing OpenGL and OpenGL ES drivers. We plan to expand the technology to cater for other graphics programming models in the near future.

How it works

We give an overview of GraphicsFuzz technology in our dedicated how it works page.

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